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Ultra Premium Candle Lighter

Ultra Premium Candle Lighter

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Deroco Candles

Light your candle with sustainable ease using our ultra premium electric candle lighter in matte black soft touch. Our candle lighter brings pleasure to sparking a fragrant experience, and is long enough to reach into deeper luxury vessels that have been thoroughly enjoyed. The lighter is housed in matte black metal and includes a USB cable for recharging.

  • Sustainable source of ignition
  • Easily ignite wooden and cotton wicks
  • Easily reach shorter wicks in your most used candles
  • Retractable with safety lock
  • Blue lights indicate battery capacity


Includes one ultra premium USB candle lighter with one USB cable.

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Product Specifications

Steel wick trimmer

Matte Black

2.9 oz 83 g

7.25"L x 2.125"W

Candle Care Instructions