Our Founder

Deroco Candles have been meticulously crafted to deliver a powerful, yet gradual diffusion of exquisite scents, guided by the resounding ambiance of a wooden wick.

Our fragrances are meticulously researched for safety, pass demanding performance tests, and are free from toxins. All ingredients are vegan, mutagen-free, phthalate-free, and meet our strict quality standards in addition to Prop 65 requirements.


"I started crafting candles at home during my university studies, where I gained a deep understanding of the negative impact of global commercialization on product quality.

Having an expanding knowledge and database of chemicals, I discovered that everything contains plastics, stabilizers, fillers, and a lengthy list of chemicals that are incompatible with our bodies at the molecular level. Quality and health considerations are frequently devalued to attract a wide audience.

In the candle industry, this implies vessels that cannot be reused, inexpensive wax that overwhelms the scent, and even worse - candles containing only 50% or less fragrance saturation. Deroco Candles is addressing these concerns by providing candles made with sustainable and luxurious materials that are also health-conscious, toxin free, and maximally fragranced.

Extensive research and experimentation led to the creation of this candle. Each component is carefully analyzed for its performance, sustainability, and the remarkable experience it provides when lit."

-Derrick Douglas