Freshen Up: re·new·al

A collection of our freshest candles, perfect for adorning a just-cleaned home. No time to freshen up? Light a candle from this collection before your guests arrive.
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  • 13 oz Handcrafted Amber Scented Coconut Wax Luxury Glass Jar Candle with Wooden Wick Burning Candle

    Your Potent Fragrance Adventure Awaits

    Coconut crème wax burns cooler and accommodates significantly more fragrance, allowing a slower burn and stronger hot and cold throw than other wax choices. You'll smell our candles when their included lids are removed.

    Our Wax Formula is Vegan, Non-toxic, Dye-free, 100% Natural, and Palm Oil Free.

  • Close Your Eyes and Let it Soothe You

    Wooden wicks provide immediate and Persistent Fragrance Release. The soft, tranquil audio from the wooden wick is a beloved characteristic and added bonus that makes bath time a treat.

    Our wicks are 100% Free of Lead, Toxins, and Metals.

  • Breathe in Relaxation, Not Toxic Chemicals

    Only the Finest of Ingredients are mindfully curated by our biochemist for your pleasure, family, home, and wellness. All ingredients Pass Proposition 65 Requirements.

    We Do Not Use ingredients with Carcinogens, Mutagens, Phthalates, Parabens, or Animal Cruelty.

  • Experience a Candle Freshly Made for You

    Only when your order is placed do we prepare your custom fragrance blend using perfume grade oils and scrutinizing detail. The curing process then takes 3-4 days to lock in phenomenal fragrance.


Transform your home with forward offerings of bold accords and whimsical notes designed to anchor you and your guests deeper into the moment for everlasting memories.
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  • Sustainable Practices

    1. All our candle vessels are Premium and Reusable
    2. Our wax comes from Renewable sources and will never contain Palm Oil.
    3. The Japanese art of origami inspires our packing and shipping methods, minimizing the use of plastics and adhesives in favor of biodegradable materials.
    4. The Wood used in our wicks is sourced from FSC certified mills.
  • Laboratory Grade Standards

    Each crafted candle is handmade with absolute detail by our founder to ensure quality exceeds standards for the distinctive individual. Choose your desired fragrance to soon embark on a novel journey of multifaceted candle ambience.

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